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This wiki is about the game Omega Layers that you can play here or its modifications

  1. The beginning (someone else add links to these chapters please)

Omega Layers is a game made by Veprogames, who was inspired by Antimatter Dimensions by Hevipelle. At the start you only have one currency, α. You can collect α by clicking a button. When you have 10 α you can get an α1 generator. It will generate α for you. Once you have 10 α1 generators their production will double and their cost will increase.

At 100 α you can get an α2 generator, instead of producing α it will produce more α1 generators. the production of these also double when you get 10.

this 'generator produces the previous one' mechanic follows to α3 generators. They produce α2 generators and their production doubles when you get 10. This goes on and on until α8. This is the point where there are no new generators.

When you reach 1.00e20 α, you see a new layer called β, but you need to reach 1.00e24 Alpha (Better) to get 1 Capital Beta

There are an indefinite* amount of layers in this game, so be prepared for a long ride!

There is also a unknown page called Stuff!(plz help)

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